Oct. 1, 2014
By: Katie Egan


Dunk City isn’t the only thing putting Florida Gulf Coast University on the map.

FGCU communication senior Alec Christy hopes to be the “Sole Survivor” on this season of the popular reality TV show, “Survivor: Blood vs. Water,” premiering at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.

The network approached his older brother Drew Christy, 25, to be on the show, but there was a catch — the Winter Park, Florida, native had to recruit a loved one to compete with, and ultimately against for the $1 million prize.

“Drew kind of threw me into it,” Alec Christy, 22, said. “He just asked and I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ I wasn’t even sure if he was kidding or not. It almost, for a while, didn’t seem real. Next thing you know, we’re in California interviewing for finals.”

“It’s amazing to do it. It’s a mental, physical and emotional test like I’ve never experienced,” said the FGCU lacrosse player, who said 462 people have been on “Survivor.”

His lacrosse family is rooting for him. “He should do pretty well. I hope he can do it,” FGCU head Lacrosse coach Michael Dubbelde said. “It would be great for the team and the school. He’s not going to fold and he’s not going to buckle.”

Dubbelde says playing lacrosse should help Alec Christy in the “Survivor” challenges.

“His muscle memory should kick in. He works hard and he works at his craft. His dedication and commitment he shows will serve him well.”

One of Alec Christy’s FGCU communication professors, Maria Roca, has known Christy for two years.

“He blossomed and opened up to himself,” Roca said. “This is the perfect thing for the two of them to do together. They’re really close and they’ll go really far.”

The self-proclaimed natural, outdoorsy, fishing guys are always camping or on a boat, former model Drew Christy says. “We’re kind of football players who are mentally pretty tough.”

There are 18 castaways and two tribes, the Coyopa and Hunahpu.

Players are allotted some rice, but otherwise, they’re on their own.

“You have to manage how much you have,” Drew Christy said. “You have to scavenge off the land, ocean and trees. There were lots of coconuts.”

“You couldn’t sneak a clothespin on ‘Survivor,’” Drew Christy added.

The dynamic duo have two different strategies. They’re also on two different teams: Alec Christy is on the Coyopa tribe; Drew is on the Hunaphu.

Alec Christy says he felt he would win if other players make mistakes, scheme too hard or come across as loud and obnoxious.

Alec Christy hopes Drew sits back and doesn’t get too competitive. “He’s going to be one of the best out there.”

FGCU alum Connor Ramage, a friend of both brothers, says he thinks being on different tribes will work to their advantage. Responding to questions by email, Ramage said that if the two were on the same team, they might have been “an intimidating duo because they are both athletic dudes that have outdoors skills.”

“As a friend, I think it is going to be awesome watching them compete with each other and the other cast members. It is going to be the first time I have watched a season of ‘Survivor’ since 2003,” Ramage said.

“I think we’ll be watching for a lot of weeks,” Roca added.

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